Plastic Surgery and Selfies

With new photo sharing social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram, many people are taking and sharing much more selfies than ever before.  Having the ability to share these selfies and pictures of their bodies to everyone has caused many people to become much more self aware of their bodies, and of any flaws they might see in themselves. There are even editing apps like Selfie that can have someone hold a microscope up to their face and edit any flaws they might see.  This has caused an increase in plastic surgery over the past couple of years.  Many plastic surgeons have reported and increase of women getting face lifts, nose jobs, and Botox over the last year, while male patients were reported to have gone with Botox and hair implants.

This video is about a woman who went and got fillers into her left hand, so she could take the “perfect” engagement ring picture, where her hands do not look bad, and be able to post it on social media websites with out her feeling self conscious about herself.

Many people just take selfies or pictures of themselves to post, but it’s becoming much more common that people are using selfies as a way to scrutinize their own bodies and faces, which causes them to become self-aware of any flaws they might see.  This can cause them to become self-conscious enough to take such great measures like plastic surgery in order to fix the problem.


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