Celebs vs. You

Selfies have become a new trend all over the world.  From celebrities to models to normal people at home, everyone has taken at least one selfie.  We are constantly seeing celebrities post selfies of themselves, or even selfies with other celebrities, being posted on the internet and on TV.  This constant showing off of how good the celebrities look in their thousand dollar dresses gives a false impression of what people should always look like.

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian are known for taking selfies and posting them, and she also just came out with a BOOK of just selfies she has taken over the past decade. In all of these selfies, the celebrities and models are always done up with tons of makeup and in the right lighting.

They never fail to look anything but gorgeous. When we see these famous celebrities and models post these flawless pictures, we believe that we also have to look like that in order to be accepted. This creates insecurities in both women and men when they take pictures. We expect that our selfies, taken from an iPhone with limited edits and not professionally done makeup, should look like the selfies we see online.



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